Belorechenskoe and Hisex 10 years together


“Belorechenskoe” – is one of the biggest Russian agricultural enterprises, which has been leading the list of the most effective producers of milk and table eggs in the country for several years in a row.

The company is located near the famous Baikal Lake and possesses almost 75.000 hectares of land to grow grains for its vast herd of cows and two million layers. First time specialists of the farm have heard about qualities of Hisex White during a poultry congress in India. And after a short period of gathering information from all over the industry and comparisons of the data “Belorechenskoe” made its choice.
Recently Mr. Thijs Hendrix – president of “Hendrix Genetics” personally came in Irkutsk to celebrate the jubilee of cooperation and handle honorable diplomas to people who were nurturing Hisex from the very beginning: Mr. Vladimir Kvasnikov - deputy director in technology, Mrs. Ludmila Duba – chief technologist of breeding unit and Mr. Vladimir Ponukhov – chief veterinarian.
When receiving his diploma Mr. Gavriil Frantenko – owner and director of “Belorechenskoe” told: “We have to erect a monument to Hisex because this “working horse” let us came through many difficulties of the past and helped us to became who we are today”.
Today the farm has processing plants and its own retail chain with climate controllable warehouses all along the Trans-Siberian Railway to the East. High quality table eggs and milk products under the brand “White River” meet the brisk demand in the area. Being a breeding company, “Belorechenskoe” supplies with day-old chicks commercial farms in Russia (as far as in Anadyr and Vladivostok, which is several thousand kilometers away) and in Mongolia.
In his speech Mr. Hendrix sincerely thanked the people for their loyalty to Hisex, he told the audience about the latest developments in his company and stressed that they were possible because of “Belorechenskoe” input as well. In his turn the president of “Hendrix Genetics” was officially nominated as Honorable worker of “Belorechenskoe” and received a special golden insignia. After official part of the program the farmers proudly showed the guest their latest achievements as top-notch grain storage facilities which allow keeping in safety 130 thousand tones of the harvest, one of two milk processing plants and the church of Ascension.  “We are poultry people in the deep of our hearts, - commented Mr. Frantenko – however when some time ago many kolkhozes in the region perished we were asked by local authorities to employ the inhabitants. That is how we found ourselves in grain growing and cow breeding. Before taking such a bold decision we took all the possible expertise. For instance, a Dutch agronomist spent here two years and virtually became the local. The same approach we exploit in our cooperation with other partners: we need not only a product but know-how and service first of all”.
When Mr. Hendrix arrived to Irkutsk, “Blorechenskoe” specialists arranged for him a tour around the town to show landmarks of its turbulent history. In 18-19 centuries Irkutsk was the capital of the huge territory from the Ural Mountains till the Pacific Ocean and from China till the Arctic waters. By the way, Alaska and California that time, being a part of Russian Empire, was merely American province of Irkutsk region.Probably even better the guest will remember a boat trip along the Baikal Lake shore which was guided by Mr. Frantenko in person. The Baikal Lake is the biggest sweet water lake on the Earth. It is calculated that if to empty Baikal then all rivers of the world will need more then one year to fill it back.
Summarizing the results of the visit Mr. Thijs Hendrix said: “It was my first trip to “Belorechenskoe” and I really appreciate their invitation and hospitality. It is amazing how hard-working these people are, how devoted they are to their company. I was told that Mr. Frantenko had two state decorations “Merits before the Motherland” for the deeds of his company and for his entire career he never fired a single employee. You feel proud of participation with such people.”