President of Sung Jin Hatchery


The President of Sung Jin Hatchery  in  South Korea, Mr In Hwan Song,  imported his first flock of Parent Stock ISA Brown in 2004.

In a first step (2005 -2006 ) DOC layer chicks ISA Brown were mostly sold only in Kyung Sang province.
Nowdays with the proven performances of the commercial layer ISA Brown, especialy an egg size adapted to the market demand, a good egg shell color and  a good egg shell quality and with the support of Sung Jin Hatchery technical sales team, DOC sales of ISA Brown are developping in the entire territory of South Korea.

We, at ISA, are very proud of the present achievement done by Mr In Hwan Song, President of Sung Jin Hatchery, together with his team for the development of ISA Brown in South Korea and are waiting for further developments of the ISA Brown in Korea.