Award Dr. Raul Olegario


Philippine Veterinary Medical Association awards to RAUL C. OLEGARIO,DVM, for OUTSTANDING FARM VETERINARIAN For his innovative work in Hendrix Genetics-ISA, in formulating and implementing cost-effective poultry health programs for various poultry operations; for providing veterinary technical support, services, and conduct/training seminars to poultry raisers around the county; For consistently elevating the stature and importance of a Veterinarian to a high level in commercial and integrated business with his endless innovations in coming up with highly effective flock health programs that have produced positive result being shared to all by poultry growers in the poultry farms nationwide.

We at ISA are very proud that the service rendered to our clients in the Philippines is highly appreciated by the hatcheries, rearing organizations, egg producers and many others which play a role in the poultry business.