China imports ISA brown


On Oct 09, 2008 CP China imported 7000 packages of ISA brown GP from institut de sélection animale. Even though the shipment was delayed to arrive at the farm, the GP flock seemed still in good shape.

CP China is one of very important poultry distributors in China with obvious advantages of feedstuff business and broiler business. CP Group realized that packing egg business and layer business in China was becoming more and more important and decided that CP China restored its layer GP operation three years ago.

During last three years, ISA Company has welcomed Mr. Wang president of CP China Poultry Line to make investigation of ISAbrown in Europe and ISA top management has given support on the exchange with CP China afterwards. On Sept 01, 2008, Antoon, CEO of Hendrix Genetics visited CP China and met Mr. Wang again with further exchange of cooperation between two sides. It was said that CP China would build up new layer GP farm next year and would strengthen its position in China layer industry circle.

We wish our cooperation and our breeder will give full support on the layer business development of CP China.