Dekalb Amberlink flock - Norfolk


Simon Dann has had free range birds now for over 18 years, ever since he came out of broiler breeders. He also runs over 300 cows of which 120 are dairy plus managing 120 cows at near by Easton College. If that wasn’t enough he also has 720 acres arable plus he runs a contracting business, mainly foraging and baling etc. Just in case he had any spare time in the last year Simon has started ice cream manufacturing with his Norfolk Farmhouse Ice Cream Company.

Simon has tried nearly every breed that has been commercially available over the years and has never been averse to trying new breeds that come onto the market.
Hence, in November of last year he took delivery of 8,000 Dekalb Amberlink reared by Country Fresh Pullets.

The manger of the site Trevor Elliott, who has worked for Simon for 39 Years, was instantly impressed. The birds soon settled in, bodyweights were easily achieved and floor eggs were virtually non existent. When the birds were let out onto the range he was amazed how many birds wanted to go out in all weathers. “If you want to see what free range should look like come and see my flock” he announces proudly. Even at 51 w/o when this article was written the birds looked the same as when they were housed. The birds peaked at 93% and at wk 51 they are still at 87.4% with a very flat consistent peak. Egg size is currently at 65.1g and egg quality is described as superb with exceptionally low seconds.
Simon is very confident that the flock will continue to perform, especially in light of the superb feathering and egg quality. They have now decided to go 100% Amberlink on the farm.