European ISA distributors meeting


On Tuesday 7 October, European ISA distributors attended their annual commercial meeting under the motto “Together we are strong”.  This year, it was hold in the lovely town of Caramulo (Portugal), since our host was ISA Portuguese distributor Multiaves (Grupo Nutroton). 

All ISA exclusive distributors were present and participated actively in the meeting : Tom Barron Ind. Hatcheries (UK), Joice & Hill (UK), Morini (Italy), Zouras (Greece), Ter Heerdt (The Netherlands), Het Anker (The Netherlands), Vepymo (Belgium), Integra (Czech Republic), Granja Gibert (Spain), SFPA (France), Liaharensky Podnik (Slovakia) and Multiaves (Portugal).

The program started the evening before with a dinner which was also the occasion for some new members to be introduced.   The working sessions took place the morning after and started with a presentation of the Nutroton group by Joao Rebelo Cotta.  Servé Hermans, ISA Managing Director, updated all participants on the actual situation of ISA and Hendrix Genetics, focusing in the company strategy and recent acquisitions and alliances, as well as new projects for improving genetic progress.  Benoît Pelé, ISA Commercial Director, made a complete presentation on the current situation in layer business in Europe and worldwide, and new challenges (animal welfare, extension of production cycles…) which have deep impact in business development.  Laurent Taalbi (SFPA) presented a data collection model for commercial layers performances that could become a very interesting tool for analyzing and sharing actual field results.

The second half of the meeting was time for more active participation for everyone, as following his presentations, Hans van Sleeuwen, ISA European Area Manager, led the discussions on some practical aspects: the update on planning forecast for ISA products in Europe, a review on how ISA distributors network can optimize hatching eggs exchanges and chances to progress in purchases in common.

All participants agreed on keeping this annual commercial meetings once per year in October and it was decided that our 2009 meeting will be held in Czech Republic organized by Integra.  Another annual meeting focused on technical issues is also expected to be organized in May in Saint Brieuc or in Boxmeer.

Once the official part of the meeting was finished, the participants could enjoy of a perfectly organized program including a visit to the Museu do Caramulo, a unique art and old automobile collection, and to a wine cellar in the Dão region, an area producing one of the best Portuguese wines, some of them from local grape varieties exclusive from that part of the country.

After a superb dinner, the perfect finale for the meeting was a fun surprise drink in an ice lounge in Viseu.  After a complete working day, but plenty of time for informal contacts and friendly exchanges, the atmosphere was really warm, although the temperature in the bar was minus 5 º C!