Seminar - Poland


On the 19th April 2008, our ISA Brown distributor MUSIELAK, in Poland, organized a seminar in Magellan conference centre in Wolbórz, Poland  for about 100 persons, mainly egg producers.

MUSIELAK Family is our new ISA Brown distributor in Poland and just build a new very modern and well equipped commercial hatchery. They will start to distribute the Isabrown product throughout the whole country. However, they are not new in the business as they are already active for many years as a rearing company for commercial pullets and therefore well know as a reliable and professional partner in the business.

The seminar was successful and was given a lot of good and interesting information to the layer farmers who did participate. Besides veterinarian subjects there were also management subjects discussed and the new and existing  facilities of fam. Musielak were shown.
A very good and interesting seminar which was closed with a good dinner and a performance of a singer who managed to create a very good ambiance.