Visit LianNong - Boxmeer


From Nov 05, 2008 to Nov 07, 2008, The 8 bigger PS customers of LianNong farm who set up a GP royalty cooperation with HG/ISA, visited us in Boxmeer and was warmly welcomed by Thjis (president of HG)and Arian (director of sales and marketing) as well as Frans(director of R&D).

Mr. Thjis Hendrix introduced them the history of "Hendrix" villa and ISA company, and presented the organization tree of HG and its development strategy. Mr. Arian Groot presented to the delegation the "royalty" cooperation between HG/ISA and LianNong farm and best wish of further cooperation among PS farms, LianNong farm and HG/ISA. Mr. Frans Van Sambeek did good presentation about latest genetics program so that Chinese PS farms showed more confident on Hisex  brown. Mr. Peter Arts gave the delegation a good lecture on rearing mangement and hatchery management. During the visit, Chinese PS farms had visited a bigger modern hatchery room and exchanged with Hatchtech company. Of course, when the PS delegation visited a Hisex brown FP flock with age of over 64 weeks, they felt surprised that shell quality (color and strength), egg production and feed conversion were still very good comparing their own experience in China.

The delegation concluded that this visit made them think and decide to change their own management; they welcome the foreign poultry experts to visit their farms in China so as to have more exchange on management.