Visit Spanish egg producers - ISA France


In January and February 2008, ISA, together with our Iberian exclusive distributor of ISA Brown and Dekalb white – Multiaves Iberica, under the leadership of Mr João Rebello Cotta and his sales team, organized within 3 groups a visit of the main Spanish egg producers in ISA France.

The 3 groups all together represent 27 persons with about 24 millions layers and had the opportunity to receive in ISA headquarters of Saint Brieuc, a presentation of our company ISA and our group Hendrix Genetics with Benoît Pelé, a genetic presentation with Thierry Burlot and a technical presentation with Philippe Joly or Charles Aurora.

Dr Rafael Lera, ISA technical adviser for Spain Portugal, helped a lot in the organization and the translation during those visits.

The Spanish producers had the opportunity to visit one of the ISA Pure line farm of Saint Brandan, and some ISA Commercial layer farms (both in cages and in Free range systems); those visits allow them to compare with the practice of egg production between France and Spain, and to verify the very good evolution of the ISABROWN breed in the field. The egg size and egg quality, besides the high level of production were the main criteria which were noticed by the Spanish egg producers.

Spain is an important egg production country within EU, where ISA products are gaining market shares during the last years.