Hatchery renovation CanadaHatchery renovation Canada

Hatchery renovation ISA Canada


On March 8, 2010 we hatched the first chicks out of the nine newly installed Jamesway Platinum P20 single-stage setters. These units operate with a Hatchcom electronic control system. A recent test hatch showed good results.
This project consists of a new incubator room, a KL tray washing machine and a new equipment wash-up room.
At the same time we improved biosecurity in the hatchery by configuring the product and people flow to a separate “dirty” (hatch side) and “clean” (setter side) with different colored clothing to indicate the side an employee is working on. This prevents cross contamination from live chicks to eggs in the incubators.
Jeff Wilson and Dave Schellenberger and their staff are excited about the opportunity to increase hatchery volume and improve chick quality and to serve their Canadian and international customers even better then before. Congratulations and we wish you much success!