ISA and Cabaña Avícola Jorjú work together close to Argentinian poultry farmers


During the last week of September, Cabaña Avícola Jorjú, new distributor in Argentina for Isa Brown and Hisex White, together with ISA, continued their round of presentations of these two excellent layer breeds to egg producers from Argentina southern provinces.

The successful launching meeting in May in Buenos Aires region was already followed by a first round of presentations in the major northern poultry areas (Salta, Tucumán and Córdoba) and in the province of Entre Rios, allowing local egg producers to know more in detail about the breeding program in ISA and main traits of Isa Brown and Hisex White.  For this second group of presentations, we wanted to reach poultry farmers from the South of the country and El Peligro, Mar del Plata, Bahía Blanca y Neuquén were the chosen places for organizing the meetings. After some welcoming words of Sebastián Noguera, Assistant Manager and responsible for key accounts in Jorjú, Dr. Rafael Lera, veterinarian and technical specialist from ISA, made a presentation about HG group and ISA and detailed the genetic evolution of Isa Brown and Hisex White, emphasizing some of their trends, like laying persistency, egg shell quality and robustness and adaptability.

As Dr. Pablo Nervi, General Manager of Cabaña Avícola Jorjú declared to all the farmers, company owners and technical people who were present, these meetings are one step more to fulfill the company commitment, with the support from ISA, to work together and hand in hand with local egg producers, paying special attention to their needs.