Caisy and ISA promote the event for members in San Juan de Yapacani (Bolivia)


What happens when hard-working people cross the ocean in search of better conditions? The answer is quite simple: progress and this progress is able to transform an entire region.


This is how the descendants of the Japanese colony of San Juan de Yapacani in Bolivia to build its history and took with them the tradition of poultry farming and formed the Cooperative CAISY.

To complement this success they joined their forces and their traditions to a successful partnership with ISA working many years with ISA Brown.


Within this strong partnership on 30th October a presentation focusing on the main points of management and nutrition for ISA Brown. It was a very nice where we could share the information with the working people of this community. After the event members were treated to a delicious dinner and there was also a trophy ISA delivering the best quality egg producer granted to Mr. Masaaki Otsula.

We welcome our partners in Caisy and congratulate the constant pursuit of excellence. Together Caisy and ISA may provide a future of prosperity and success!



Left: Kyotaka Kawakami (Mr. Kyotaka Kawakami Representing Mr. Masaaki Otsuka) Left to right: Otavio Rech ( HG/ISA), Isamu kondo ( General Manager/Caisy), Jyun Ikeda ( President /Caisy), Dr. Yochiro Hayashi (Veterinarian/ Caisy)