ISA distributor Geflügelzucht Ter Heerdt organized successful seminars in Germany


This month March 2011, ISA contributed with its presence to a series of seminars of ISA distributor Geflügelzucht Ter Heerdt Gmbh in the German Emsland region. Goal of the seminars was to introduce Geflügelzucht Ter Heerdt as well as Broederij ter Heerdt and ISA to the German market. Moderator and Geflügelzucht Ter Heerdt manager, Hans van Sleeuwen introduced different speakers including a veterinarian, two technical Ter Heerdt specialists and ISA Geneticists Frans van Sambeek and Jeroen Visscher, to a group of in total 200 farmers over all seminars.

The Emsland region sees an increasing amount of farms and layers for the upcoming years as also here there is a trend to more local produced food. Almost all producers invest in alternative production systems, for free range, organic or barn production. Expectations are that the region expands with another 3 million birds, especially on family owned businesses.

The completed seminars where very well received by all attendees and proved that the knowledge of both Ter Heerdt and ISA can give a great value to egg producers and  pullet rearers. Geflügelzucht ter Heerdt Gmbh for sure is a leading business partner for German poultry farmers.

On the picture from left to right:  Malte Wolter, Rene Rambags, Frans van Sambeek, Alwin Janssen, Dr. med. vet. Hermann Block and Hans van Sleeuwen.