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MFA and ISA - successful cooperation


Midwest Foods Association - one of the largest US layer entities was established over twenty years ago by a group of egg producer/processors to co-operatively buy egg packaging materials. The basis of the organization is to pool the volume of their purchases, of egg cartons, filler flats, corrugated cases, vitamin mineral premix and vaccines in-order to buy at a lower cost. This allows each member of the group to keep costs lower and yet add quality and value to their product.

In 2003 MFA owners purchased a Brickland Hatchery and parent stock farms in Virginia, USA. After significant investments in renovating and upgrading hatchery and PS farms, MFA began producing chicks for its members. Membership of MFA consists of 17 layer companies in eleven states spread from Texas to South Dakota.

Business relationship between ISA and MFA began in 2008 when first flocks of Shaver White PS were delivered to Blackstone, Virginia. In 2009 in addition to Shaver White MFA added ISA Brown to its portfolio. Since then very successful cooperation between MFA and ISA have been established. The base for success is trust, openness, mutual respect and support of each other on many levels.
ISA is very proud to have Midwest Foods Association as a business partner.

 ISA at Atlanta show - plaque MFA  MFA plaque

 A plaque to celebrate the delivery of 500,000 Parent Stock to MFA, USA

During International Poultry Exhibition in Atlanta, GA we were happy to present to General Manager of MFA Mr. Bruce Lackey a plaque that expressed our friendship and recognized very important milestone in our business relationship - first 500,000 Shaver White & ISA Brown PS delivered!

Looking forward for many more years of successful cooperation with Midwest Foods Association.