New performance standards: 55-60 EXTRA EGGS !!!




Genetic Progress is our business.


Thanks to the huge investments in the ISA breeding program the past years, the productivity, efficiency and quality of our layers have improved significantly.


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The continued attention for better laying persistency with superior shell and internal egg quality, has not only resulted in a higher number of first quality eggs till 80 weeks, but has also created the option to keep birds till 90 weeks of age in one single cycle without molting.

Many of our customers are outperforming our existing performance standards and some do successfully run flocks till 90 weeks of age already, so ISA decided to upgrade the performance standards to 90 weeks.

The new standards show improved productivity of around 55 to 60 eggs per layer.


ISA continues to invest in progress, and is committed to add value to your business.

Today and Tomorrow.


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