Indo Livestock 15-17 June 2011Indo Livestock 15-17 June 2011

Participation Indo Livestock 15-17 June 2011


Last week we participated in the tradeshow Indo Livestock 2011. The first Indo Livestock was held in 2002 in Bali, after that it was a bi-annual event in Jakarta.

This year was the first time that the exhibition was organized in Surabaya.
ISA has been operating a GP operation in Indonesia since 1986. We are producing Isabrown Parentstock, and since 2006 also Hisex Brown.

ISA has a strong market presence in Indonesia and our booth attracted a lot of interest. This was an excellent opportunity for us to meet with many egg producers from mainly east Java.
But we also saw visitors from as far as Medan (North Sumatra), Papua, and many other of the 13,000 islands that form the Indonesian archipelago.