SIPSA in Algeria


Following the results of the last tender request by the three Algerian state companies (ORAC, ORAVIO, ORAVIE) ISA will provide 120,000 PS females ISA brown for the next 18 month (2011 and 2012)  to these three companies!

The exhibition SIPSA was held from May 17 – 20 in Alger. The combined stand ISA – Hybrid, was visited by many people!
During this fair, ISA signed with Mr. Mourad Ben Harrath, Poultry Division Manager, the 18 month contract for Oravio!

ISA Brown, well known in Algeria since 25 years, still leading the  layer market today. In Algeria, out of state companies, many others private hatcheries having both layer and broiler, and sometimes turkeys. Most of our private customers have visited us at the “SIPSA”

Sitting from left to right Lias Hamdouche “Promavic”, M. Chouaib and his son, standing right Farid Ferrat and one customer.


Hybrid is newly introduced in Algeria and results of both PS and final products are doing very well and we hope a good increase of the sales in the near future!
Algeria is the biggest market in North Africa (between 300,000 and 350,000 PS females layer / year)!  We hope around 200,000 for ISA this year!