Technical Layer Summit held in Uberlandia, Brazil


Technical Layer Summit held in the In San Diego Hotel Suites and Convention Center, Uberlandia, Brazil.

This encounter was promoted by Planalto and it was titled as:
“Solutions that add value to your layer business: That is our objective”

Such important encounter had more than 120 attendants counting from more than 30% egg producers of Brazil besides technicians, supervisors, veterinarians, salesmen, nutritionists.
One of the important topics to open this meeting was the presentation of Benoit Pele:
“ ISA worldwide position and Evolution of Hendrix Genetics Group” where the attendees were very interested in to know about further evolution of HG/ISA and its products.

Secondly, Fidel Gonzalez presented Genetic Evolution of Dekalb White and Brown, touching up topics such as year round genetic improvement, TMA, Genomic development within some of the topics.
Program also included other topics such as:
1. Managing during the rearing and growing period and its repercussion in production.
2. Nutrition of Dekalb White and Brown to obtain maximum genetic potential
3. Why the vaccines do not work properly?
4. Important factors that influence egg shell quality and most common methods used to evaluate in the farms.
5. Different energy levels used in production and its effects on feed intake in production
6. Today challenges to produce eggs and keep sanitary status of our flocks
7. Partnership as strategy of success.

Grand opening words were done by Dr. Jose Flavio Neves Mohallem – President of Planalto, followed by an open bar, dinner and entertainment program. All the participants enjoyed very much such attention received by Planalto.

At the end of the conferences there were excellent comments about how well prepared was the meeting and also egg producers congratulating Planalto’s people for the job done with Dekalb products that are performing “superbly” in the Brazilian market.