Isa Brown Commercial Stock & Parent Stock

The layer of reference for more than 30 years everywhere in the world. ISA Brown adapts herself to all climates and environments. ISA Brown is the most 'efficient' layer in the industry producing many high quality eggs. Those who really check their bottom line largely trust on ISA Brown !


ISA logo Isa Brown Commercial Stock ISA Brown CS

  Laying Period     18-90 wks   Download your ISA Brown CS information here
  Liveability   93.9 %  
  Age at 50% production   144 days   Product guide
  Peak percentage   96 %   Management guide
  Average egg weight   62.9 g   Nutrition management guide
  Egg number hen housed   409     Production report
  Egg mass hen housed   25.7 kg   Rearing report
  Average feed consumption per day   109 g  
  Feed conversion   2.14 kg/kg  
  Body weight   1975 g   Alternative management guide
  Shell strength   4000 g   Alternative product guide
  Shell color     32.0   Alternative production report
  Haugh units   82                         General guide NA version

ISA logo

Isa Brown Parent Stock

ISA Brown PS

  Laying Period   70 wks     Download your ISA Brown PS information here
  No. of  eggs per HH   280    
  No. of hatching eggs per HH   245     Product performance
  Hatch of eggs set female   40 %   General management guide
  Saleable female chicks per HH   98     Rearing chart
  Average egg weight   64.2 g   Laying chart
  Cumulated mortality    10.5 %  
  Body weight females   1970 g  
  Body weight males   2760 g  
  Average feed consumption per day   120 g