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Happy Birthday PT ISA Indonesia


PT ISA Indonesia was formed 20 years ago this year.

The company has its office in Jakarta, the Indonesian capital, with a population of 10,500,000 .
PT ISA Indonesia employs 52 persons: 36 In Production including kitchen and guards, 8 in administration, 5 in sales department including chick delivery,  3 in R&D for Commercial layer test.
The GPS  farm site is located in one of the few remaining  isolated places on Java Island, at 120  kilometers south of  Jakarta or 3,5 hours travel time by car. Here we count traveling in hours not in kilometers!!!
The farm and hatchery are located on hilly and wooded land of 13 hectares.

The production farm comprises 4 closed poultry houses (tunnel ventilation, cooling pad), one  for the  rearing/growing  period of the GPS chicks which are then transferred at eighteen weeks of age in one of the 3 production houses. Each production house can accommodate 4900 D lines GPS ISA Brown .
The hatchery has a capacity of 336 000 eggs with 10 setters and 8 hatchers.
The PS ISA Brown produced in our farm are sold to customers all over Indonesia. The highest concentration is near the main population centers, i.e. Medan (North Sumatra),  Jakarta (West Java) and Surabaya (East Java).
We have two chick trucks to deliver PS ISA Brown in Java. A delivery to Surabaya, for example, 1000 kilometers from GP farm reaches our customers after an 18 hours trip.

Indonesia has a population of  241,000,000 (the fourth biggest population  in the world), 13,000 islands (only 7,000 are inhabited) and 3 different  zone times. Flying from Sabang to Merauke takes 6 hours (Sabang is the most western city, Merauke the furthest eastern).

Happy 20th Birthday PT ISA Indonesia and success.