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Sales Conference Venray


On June 8 and 9 2006 Hendrix Genetics organized its first world wide sales conference after the merge between ISA and HPB on December 15, 2005.

All Hendrix Genetics colleagues with frequent customer contacts were invited. Around 50 participants with 22 different nationalities gathered in Venray, a town in the South East of The Netherlands.
Besides the sales people and the management team members also the technical experts, the internal sales department and other people with frequent customer contacts participated.
The aims of the conference were:
• to update the participants on the progress Hendrix Genetics made during the past 6 months 
• to receive feed back from the participants about the things which went well, and which need further improvement
• to refresh peoples mind on the major messages transmitted during the Paris Conference "The best of both worlds" in December 2005
• to create clarity about policies, procedures and the way Hendrix Genetics will work
• to explain the newly developed Hendrix Genetics Brand and Product policy
• to display the differences in performance between the main brands and products
• to discuss examples of new value creating opportunities
• to learn about the first steps Hendrix Genetics has made in pig breeding
• to show the Hendrix Genetics R&D and production facilities and to visit the Hendrix Genetics world wide head office in Boxmeer
• to get to know each other better
• to create a motivated Hendrix Genetics team able to transfer the right messages to the market

After 2 intensive and very interesting days, the participants concluded that the conference was very successful and that most of the targets set at the beginning were met.

Thijs Hendrix closed the conference with a presentation called "In the air ...".
In this presentation he made clear that Hendrix Genetics has progressed a lot during the past 6 months, and like with the start of a Boeing 747, lots need to be done and implemented before the plane can successfully take of. The same was the case at the start of Hendrix Genetics. Many things have been arranged and the strong points of both companies have been combined.
As he said: "We have successfully taken off, are presently in the air and are still climbing higher. We are on our way to become the world leader in layer genetics !!!"