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VIV Utrecht


On May 16-18 2006 Hendrix Genetics has shown “its colors” at the VIV exhibition in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

This was the first occasion in Europe to show the merged activities of ISA and HPB to the world wide poultry industry.

The exhibition was visited by more than 20.000 visitors from 126 different countries. Many of the visitors were owners, directors and other key decision maker of leading poultry operations.
Many of those visited the Hendrix Genetics booth. They were informed about our mission, vision and strategy, or had interesting business discussions. Other agreed on a mutual beneficial cooperation or just passed by to say hello to their respected friends.

Most of the visitors were impressed by the design of the booth, the quality of the support materials, the integration of the ISA and HPB activities, the very positive spirit amongst the Hendrix Genetics team and above all by the opportunities the merge between ISA and HPB is offering to them to grow or consolidate their business.

In short: Hendrix Genetics showed its colors, and those were well received by the world wide poultry industry.