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Steinbach seminar


November 5th 2007, Steinbach Hatchery and Institut de Sélection Animale (ISA) held it's annual Producers Meeting in Manitoba (Canada).

After the introduction by Jake Friesen (Marketing Manager of Steinbach), Eugene Fridman (Area Manager North America of ISA) presented the latest developments within Hendrix Genetics and ISA. His presentation was followed by a well received Breeding presentation by Jeroen Visscher (Dutch-based Geneticist of ISA).
In the afternoon flock nutrition, flock-management and excellent performance of Shaver White was presented by David Laurin (nutritionist) and Perry Kaita (Salesmanager of Steinbach).

Looking back, it was a very well attended meeting with interesting documentation & materials brought to the producers in an informal way, which made the whole day a succesful event.