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Technical seminar - IMSA-Mexico


Incubadora Mexicana (IMSA) a company leader in the distribution of commercial layers in Mexico organized its traditional technical seminar in late August 2008 titled “11 Ciclo de Conferencias Las Pollas Bovans White” featuring the leading breed in the market place the Bovans White  in Tepatitlan, Jalisco Mexico.     

The event was very successful and key decision makers, representing 30 millions Bovans White, from the major companies in Mexico attended the seminar.  We congratulate our GP customer IMSA one of the most successful companies in the poultry business in Mexico and Mr. Alejandro Romero IMSA’s CEO and his team.

Frans Van Sambeek presented during the seminar “Progress in Layer Genetics 2008 Bovans Breeding Program” and Gregorio Lopez presented to the participants “ Feeding and Nutrition to Optimize Shell Quality”.