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Animal care Nigeria in Focus


Last November 12, 2009 a technical ISA Brown layer seminar was held at the headquarters of Aninal Care in Iperu, Ogun State.
Animal Care keeps 400.000 ISA Brown layers.
All technical staff of the rearing- and layer farms teamed up in the Animal Care training hall for 2 training sessions.

After a brief introduction of ISA and Hendrix Genetics, the following topics presented were:
•  Brooding- and rearing management of ISA Brown pullets
•  Professional debeaking practice

The chairman of Animal Care, Dr.Kolawole A. Olaiya, also attended the seminar.
After the sessions he expressed a word of appreciation to the trainer Paul van de Ven of ISA Europe and Dr.Rotimi of AJANLA farms / CHi, the exclusive distributor of ISA Brown layer in Nigeria.