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Dekalb white doing well in Finland


In 2008 ISA has signed contract for distribution our product DEKALB WHITE with TONEST Oy, our exclusive distributor on Finish market.

Now, we are nearly one year of presence on the market. First commercial flocks has started production cycle. We see them as very promising and confirming declared features of our product. It is also very interesting to note that Finland is a region typical of very low disease pressure and very mild vaccination program. In such clean environment it is much easier to observe expression of genetic potential of birds not effected much by other stressful factors interfering on many typical modern farms around the world .

First customers impressions confirm well balanced behaviour, good liveability and smooth start in production. We believe to be able to supply You very interesting results in coming next months.

Good reception of the product on the market allow our distributor to think seriously about next development. Following market changes and customers needs Tonest Oy is going to modernize its hatchery capacity to be able to supply good quality and bigger flocks size on the market.

We want to congratulate THEM good start and we whish a lot of success with Dekalb