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Successful visit of a Dutch layer farmers group to ISA France


Monday 23 November the first Dutch layer farmers group of in total three groups went to ISA in France for a study trip. It’s an initiative of our Dutch ISA distributor, hatchery Ter Heerdt. They have done an inquiry among a few hundred of prospects and clients and 15 of them won a price, which was a study trip to ISA France, fully paid by hatchery Ter Heerdt. The first 5 farmers with partner were part of this first group and the other two groups will go in January and March next year. Also two sales advisors of hatchery Ter Heerdt, Harold Sijbers and Alwin Janssen, joined the group.

Goal of the study trip is to be informed about ISA, the genetic progress of our products and about the layer poultry structure in France and especially in Brittany. For that a visit to our office in France was planned and a few farm visits in Brittany. Of course this all has to be combined with some cultural visits in order to inform the participants also about this nice part of France. For that a visit was done to St. Malo and Mont St. Michel. The result was a perfect balance between the business part and the fun part. 

The group left at Monday noon 23 November from the Hendrix office in Ospel after a short introduction of our president Thijs Hendrix. The trip went by bus and arrived at midnight at the hotel ‘l Eskemm in St. Brieuc. Tuesday morning 24 November, the office program was planned. Hans van Sleeuwen did introduce the company ISA and HG and Benoit did inform the participants about the layer structure in France. Julien Fablet updated everybody about the genetic program and the genetic progress of our birds. After a short visit to our research farm, St. Brandan, the group went for a lunch. In the afternoon two farms were visited. The first one was a big enriched cage farm and the second one was an organic, free range farm.
In the evening the group continued their trip to St. Malo and went for a dinner in the old town. After the dinner, so late in the evening, a nice and interesting walk was made on the city walls which were around the old city of St. Malo.

The third day, Wednesday 25 November, started with a visit to Mont St. Michel. A mountain with a small village and a monastery on the top next to the see in a surrounding of a complete flat area and in the middle off a high and low tide. After this visit the group went back home to the Netherlands and arrived after a joint dinner at 9 pm in Ospel. During this dinner Hans van Sleeuwen did tell something about the results of our products, ISA Brown, Bovans Brown and Dekalb White and also the evaluation with the group was done.

Conclusion was that everybody was very satisfied and learned and enjoyed a lot. Learned a lot about the genetics of the ISA layer products but also about the layer poultry structure in France. So a very interesting and successful journey which was appreciated a lot by all the participants. So good that one of the participants had already the idea to organize a reunion next year.