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1st Technical workshop of Integra


On May 6, 2010 Integra conducted its 1st Technical Layer Workshop in Zabcice, Czech Republic. There was another reason to celebrate. The event took place for the 1st time under the new membership of Integra in the ISA Hendrix-Genetics Family of companies. Petr Krul, Managing Director of Integra, was very proud to explain the new and important role of his organization in the expanded ISA Poultry Distribution Network (PDD) especially for the Czech Republic but also for the wider Central- and Eastern European region.

A total of 80 professionals attended the workshop. Among them were 22 members of various national and international feed- and nutrition organizations, feed formulation specialists as well as local feed companies. Nine participants came from Slovakia. The high turn-out emphasizes the strong position of Integra in the domestic market and underlines the growing interest for ISA layer products in the Czech Republic. Perhaps also not a total surprise, but there was also a representative from the local Czech Moravian Poultry Association attending the event. Last but not least, about 50 commercial layer producers from the region likewise joint the workshop.

Throughout the workshop presentations were given by Dr. Hermann Klein-Hessling (Technical Director) and Pavel Kolnik (Sales- and Tech. Manager) on various subjects related to feed production, basic physiological concepts, body weight targets, nutritional requirements, feeding techniques, lighting practices and essential management activities. One presentation was dedicated to internal- and external egg quality. Special emphasis was placed on the importance of rearing high quality pullets which lay the possible foundation for successful and financially attractive results during the production period.