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Visit Seimovskaya Russia to France


In Week 13/2010 a group of 3 managers of Seimovskaya, Russia (Mrs Galina Kolobova, Mrs Tatiana Kholdoenko, and Mr Yury Korobov) went to ISA in France for a study trip of one week, together with Pavel Bogatkin, ISA Russia.
Seimovskaya is an important group dealing with parent stock and commercial layers Isabrown (about 1,6 Mio layers in their operations) since early 2000. In their group, there are several other important activities as egg processing plant, production of cereals, production of milk and beef…
The goal of the study trip is to be informed about ISA, the genetic progress of our products, the review of the technical management of the ISABrown Parent stock and Commercial layers, and about the layer poultry structure in France. For that some meetings in our office in Saint Brieuc, France was planned and a few visits of PS farm and Commercial SFPA hatchery of Mur de Bretagne. Of course this all has to be combined with some cultural visits especially in Paris. The result was a perfect balance between the business part and the fun part.
The office program was planned with several presentations. Benoît Pelé did introduce the company ISA, HG and about the layer structure in France. Fabien Galéa updated everybody about the technical management and the performances of Isabrown. After a short visit to our research farm, St. Brandan, the group had also a presentation of the genetic progress with Julien Fablet. A review of the Quality procedure and biosecurity was done by Frédérick Rémy and a review of all sanitary aspects by Dr Brice Robineau.

One day was also dedicated to the management of the Parent Stock ISABrown and the visit of the hatchery of Mur de Bretagne with the help of our colleagues of SFPA (Jérémy Paturel, Odile Aladame and Carole)
Conclusion was that everybody was very satisfied and learned and enjoyed a lot. Learned a lot about the genetics of the ISA layer products but also about the layer poultry management in France. So a very interesting and successful trip which was appreciated by the group.