Finalizing Hatchery Process Manual Boxmeer


Monday 15 March, Hatchery Boxmeer celebrates that the Hatchery Process Manual has been finalized.

1,5 years ago, the hatchery group together with Dorothe Ducro (ISA Quality Manager), started a project with the aim to improve the day-old chick and delivery quality. During this project all hatchery procedures were evaluated and written down in a precise uniform way which is now called the ISA Hatchery Process Manual.
Besides writing procedures, also extra checks and monitoring systems were introduced. Examples of this have been the initiation of an egg entrance control, the introduction of a new chick exit control and the implementation of an advanced in-house hatchery hygiene monitoring system.

Another part of this project aimed at improving the internal- and external communication structure as well as providing various types of trainings for all ISA hatchery employees. External speakers, for example, from Petersime, CEVA and EcoLab as well as our own ISA technical specialists gave several times lectures to foster the advancement of the technical and managerial knowledge and competency of our own people  In this context, Bart Stokvis spoke about hatchery hygiene and biosecurity. Bert Peters incubated eggs such that he could illustrate the day-by-day development of a chicken embryo.

Taken together, the joint efforts and many hours of additional work seem to have proven to be beneficial for the ISA organization. A close and detailed look at the customer delivery data base from this intensive project has shown us that the numbers of ISA customer delivery complaints and nonconformities have been decreasing in 2009 compared to 2008.