Meeting for Kosovo farmersMeeting for Kosovo farmers

Meeting for Kosovo farmers


On January 2, 2010, our customer Zito Vardar, Republic of Macedonia , organized a presentation for the Kosovo farmers at the Agricultural University in Kosovo,Pristina.
More than 40 participants were present at the presentation, mainly private farmers and people from the University. On behalf of ISA, Peter Arts held a lecture in rearing and production management of ISA Brown with focus on shell quality. The size of the farms vary from 15.000-100.000 layers and ISA Brown is becoming the dominant strain on this market, since 90% is brown market.
Kosovo is a developing market with one million layers. Since its declaration of independence in 2008, there are many investments in the poultry industry, mainly in the modernization of the farms and change of the equipment, however the EU regulation regarding the cage ban still do not apply in Kosovo.
The total population of Kosovo is 1.8 million people, with Pristina as its capitol with 500.000 inhabitants.