Shaver Brown Commercial Stock & Parent Stock

The Shaver Brown fits very well for distributors operating on a ‘mixed’ market (intensive and traditional). Shaver Brown produces many smaller egg sized eggs of good quality.

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Laying Period 18-90 wks Download your Shaver Brown CS information here
Liveability 93.9 %
Age at 50% production 145 days Product guide
Peak percentage 97 % Management guide
Average egg weight 62.0 g Nutrition management guide
Egg number hen housed 405 Production report
Egg mass hen housed 25.1 kg Rearing report
Average feed consumption per day 108 g
Feed conversion 2.17 kg/kg
Body weight 1975 g Alternative management guide
Shell strength 3950 g Alternative product guide
Shell color 31.5
Haugh units 84

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Shaver Brown Parent Stock

ISA Brown PS


Laying Period 70 wks Download your Shaver Brown PS information here
No. of eggs per HH 280
No. of hatching eggs per HH 245 Product performance
Hatch of eggs set female 40 % General management guide
Saleable female chicks per HH 97 Rearing chart
Average egg weight 64.2 g Laying chart
Cumulated mortality 10.5 %
Body weight females 1970 g
Body weight males 2760 g
Average feed consumption per day 120 g