Shaver Brown Commercial Stock

The Shaver Brown fits very well for distributors operating on a ‘mixed’ market (intensive and traditional). Shaver Brown produces many smaller egg sized eggs of good quality.

Shaver logo Shaver Brown Commercial Stock

Laying Period 18-90 wks Download your Shaver Brown CS information here
Liveability 93.9 %
Age at 50% production 145 days Product guide
Peak percentage 97 % Management guide
Average egg weight 62.0 g Nutrition management guide
Egg number hen housed 405 Production report
Egg mass hen housed 25.1 kg Rearing report
Average feed consumption per day 108 g
Feed conversion 2.17 kg/kg
Body weight 1975 g Alternative management guide
Shell strength 3950 g Alternative product guide
Shell color 31.5
Haugh units 84