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ISA North America goes to school


In the first week of May, 4 staff from ISA North America attended a 3 day poultry coarse at the Ohio State University in Wooster Ohio USA.
The course consisted of a hatchery work shop dealing with incubation, and egg breakouts.
There also was a work shop that consisted of diseases of laying hens, layer physiology skeletal anatomy, biosecurity, and necropsy techniques.

The last day started with us doing a cases study on what we had found when we were doing the necropsy the day before and also discussion about these diseases that we found. The remainder of the work shops for the day consisted of vaccine use and monitoring programs and also a talk on recombinant vaccination. The afternoon was spend learning about insects and there control in the poultry house and also the control of rodents.

This was a very good layer management health course

Training are staff to produce top quality chicks.