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Successful ISA Area Manager meeting in Canada, Nov. 29 to Dec. 2, 2010



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From November 29 till December 2, 2010 the ISA Area Managers meeting was held at Niagara Falls in Canada. The area managers met with the ISA Management Team to discuss the way forward for the coming years.

The group consisted of 19 persons with 10 different nationalities, with over 350 years of experience the animal genetics business, covering every country of the world.

The main topics that were discussed were:


- How to further improve the results in our clients facilities, by upgrading the quality of our products, people and organization.

- How to improve the awareness of the different players in the egg value chain, of the large contribution that ISA makes in

  improving the financial results in their operations.


Data were shown which proved that thanks to ISA’s contribution in R&D and product development, the average added value per layer housed increased with almost € 0.10 per layer per year.

Also information was shared about ISA’s additional investments in Genomic Selection, by reading the DNA structure with sophisticated techniques.

It is anticipated that the genetic progress will further increase in the coming years, bringing more profit to ISA’s clients, the hatcheries, the egg producers and other players in the Egg Value chain.

On December 2nd the group also visited the facilities of ISA North America and the PS hatchery in Cambridge that was upgraded with new incubators and handling equipment in 2010.

Also other Hendrix Genetics facilities were shown, amongst others the office in Kitchener and the Pure Line facilities and hatcheries of Hybrid Turkeys.


All by all the meeting in Canada was very useful and appreciated. It helped to define the right strategy for the years to come in adding value to the business of ISA and its customers.