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Trouw meeting Madrid


On February 11, 2010 ISA participated in the 8th International Technical Conference for the Egg sector organized by Trouw Nutrition/Tecna in Madrid, Spain.
The meeting was very well attended: about 150 people from the Spanish egg business could listen to various very interesting presentations such as “How to prepare the ISA pullet for optimal production results” made by Herman Klein-Hessling, Director of Technical Service for ISA.  It was a detailed review of they key points in rearing. Producers must “invest” in rearing to get a good pullet with a sound foundation that will enable excellent production results especially for extended laying cycles.
Other international and local lecturers dealt with different subjects like alternative housing systems, controlling avian influenza, amino acids needs during the laying period and an overview of the egg business in Mexico was given as well.
Spain is one of the leading European countries in egg production with around 40 million layers.  ISA is distributing Isa Brown, Bovans Brown and Dekalb White and its market share is significantly progressing thanks to the excellent performances of the different products.