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VIV Europe


On April 20, 21 and 22 2010 VIV Europe took place in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Because of the volcanic activities in Iceland many international visitors cancelled their trip on the very last minute.
The total amount of visitors to the exhibition was around 17.000 persons, around 3.000 lower than in 2006.
The visitors came from around 90 different countries, of which the fast majority from Europe.

The combined ISA - Hybrid booth was very well designed, situated at a perfect spot, and was visited by many people.
The numerous egg producers, hatcheries, feed companies, egg packers, egg processors, etc. that visited the ISA booth gave lots of positive feedback on the performance of the ISA products in their operations.
They also expressed their satisfaction about the focus of ISA, supported by the Hendrix Genetics Research and Technology Centre, in developing new (DNA) techniques to further accelerate the genetic progress in the years to come.
Or as one of the visitors said: "ISA is a company with an excellent balance between understanding the market needs and running a state of the art breeding program. This combination will ensure that the ISA products are not only the best today, but also tomorrow".