Seminar Casablanca


On the 13th February 2008, the ISA distributor Dar El Fellous, under the leadership of Mr Dafir Guennoun, organized a seminar in Casablanca for about 60 persons, mainly egg producers (representing about 50% of the egg production in Morocco), feed and additive suppliers, and field veterinarians.
The Dar El Fellous hatchery is the exclusive distributor of the ISA breeds in Morocco, with the Hisex Brown layer in a first step since more than 15 years and recently with the ISABrown layer. With those 2 products the hatchery Dar El Fellous is the leader in terms of egg layer day old chicks in the Moroccan market.

The agenda of the day was focussed first on a presentation of the ISA company, within Hendrix Genetics Group (by Benoît Pelé – ISA sales director), followed by a presentation on the technical management of the ISA layers (by Charles Aurora – sales manager for South Europe and Maghreb), and a presentation on the methods of vaccination and beak trimming (by Dr Rafael Lera – ISA veterinarian). Following those presentations, a discussion took place on the various managements of the layers.

To conclude this intensive day, with a convivial touch, a typical Moroccan cocktail and dinner were proposed to all the participants.