Signing contract Las Clavellinas in Atlanta


Las Clavellinas, an affiliated company of PROAGRO’s Group of companies from Venezuela has been ISA client for 25 years, distributing our product ISA Brown.

From scratch in 1985-1986 with our partner Las Clavellinas, was built the GP ISA Brown operation to produce ISA Brown PS for Venezuela and other countries.
Ever since Las Clavellinas has had a dedicated and motivated team that produces and services the commercials layers ISA Brown in Venezuela.
Romer family, then Ernesto Vogeler as CEO of Proagro were the key-persons having contributed to the success of Las Clavellinas with the ISA Brown

Nowadays we are sure Mr. Johann Schnell will continue efficiently this partnership.
As per Mr. Schnell statement their market has grew the past years and they are confident that future results will be better considering the genetic development of our breeds and excellent performance showed in the field.

ISA ATlanta