Technical Meeting for the European ISA Distributors


From may 30 until June 1 the 3rd technical meeting for the European ISA distributors network took place in Venray, The Netherlands. Title of the meeting was “120 day old chicks per parent stock, dream or reality”. With this title the main focus of the meeting was on the longer production cycle for layers, which is the main focus in the ISA R&D program, but now pointed on parent stock.

Most attendees were PS production managers and hatchery managers. The group had interesting lectures of the ISA technical service team, with the help of Dr. Marleen Boerjan and Mr. Gerd de Lange of Pas Reform Hatchery technologies. Participants used the time between lectures to share knowledge and learn from each other. Finally , the group concluded the objective of 120 day olds per parent stock is within reach in the near future!