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Seminar PERFEX


On 22nd of September 2008 did our customer and Croatian-Dutch company PERFEX, based in ZAGORIE – the north-western part of Croatia, organize a seminar for its customers – the traditional PERFEX Open Day.

Mr. XY Benko, the owner of one of the biggest Croatian layer farm PERFA, shareholder of PERFEX greeted around 30 participants from all the corners of this country and a couple of foreign hosts who came to this marvellous part of Croatia to meet each other, discuss about the current situation in the layer business and the possible ways of its’ development in the coming years.

This group of professionals in table egg production, managers and technical staff listened to the presentation of the European Area Manager Mr.Hans van Sleeuwen about the Genetic Development and The Trend Lines of Hisex Brown. The breed that was not so much present in this part of Europe several years ago gained since its introduction in 2005 already a well respected position among local poultry people.

The ISA- technical manager Central Europe, Mr.Pavel Kolnik spoke about The Different Aspects of the Improvement of Results in his presentation. The discussions about different subjects, actual and possible future problems of the business continued during the lunch and lasted to the late afternoon, when the participants richer in valuable information with new ideas and full of enthusiasm left the nice ambiance towards their homes.